Sailing Strong

Sailing with Sinbad

Sinbad Values

Customer comes first, our customers are the judges of the quality of our products and services.
Each of us is an entrepreneur in our own roles, we commit, we take initiative, we try, we make mistakes and we improve.
We think as a team, work as a team, and deliver as a team.
To sail successfully through today’s digital waves, our ship needs to be proactive rather than reactive.
Change is the only constant, we embrace internal and external change.
We believe technology is the solution and at the heart of what we do.
We embrace feedback from our customers and Sailors for continuous improvement.

Our Sailors

Start-up Environment

Positive & energetic culture that promotes creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being. 

  • Young crew of Sailors Encourage our Sailors to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends & emerging technologies.
  • Equal gender ratio Equal opportunities for career advancement, training, and mentorship to all employees.
  • Monthly bonding activities Activities we support to increase team as well as overall inter-divisional bonding.
  • FriYaY An informal after-work social session where we discuss various general and personal topics while enjoying beverages and snacks.
  • Tales Of Sinbad A sharing session from and to our own Sailors with various insightful topics on a monthly basis.
  • Indonesian activities & celebrations Celebrate events with locally popular Indonesian activities from different regions.
  • Movie night Enjoy movies of selected genres together.

Perks of Being A Sailor

Sinbad provides resources and supports work-life balance.

  • Hybrid work environment Flexible approach to work that combines remote and in-person work arrangements.
  • Laptop allowance Fund or allowance that Sailors can use to help purchase a computer or other devices for work use.
  • Private health insurance These programs focus on employee wellness to help reduce healthcare costs in the long run.
  • Mental health counseling We strongly believe in the importance of mental health. Our Sailors have access to professional counselors.

Coaching & Mentoring Program

We celebrate achievements and milestones for employee development.

  • 2 performance appraisals each year Provides an opportunity to review progress, adjust goals if needed, and identify emerging priorities.
  • Internal coach Provide coaching to high-potential employees for growth, and leadership roles and ensure a smooth transition in critical positions.
  • Sailor internships This program offers hands-on experience and a chance to contribute to innovative projects.